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لوگو اسلایدر فراسطح

Research and development

Zarfam Surface Company, with the use of an experienced team of top graduates from reputable domestic and foreign universities in its research and development unit, has the capability to carry out research and research projects based on the needs of customers.

لوگو اسلایدر فراسطح

Design and engineering

The company, by utilizing software and hardware resources in its design and engineering unit, has the capability to provide engineering consulting services, material selection, and construction methods in projects related to its field of activity in phases such as Detail, Basic, and Concept.

لوگو اسلایدر فراسطح

Supply and logistics

Zarfam Surface Company, due to its experienced and effective personnel in the commercial unit, can provide the supply and logistics of raw materials and equipment needed for its projects from domestic and international sources at a cost-effective and high-quality level in the shortest possible time.

لوگو اسلایدر فراسطح

Field Project Execution

With competent and experienced technical and engineering personnel, appropriate facilities and equipment, as well as the use of up-to-date knowledge, the company has the capability to participate in field execution projects in various fields related to its activities.

Services provided by Zarfam Surface Company

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A capable Research and Development Unit

Utilization of cutting-edge corrosion knowledge

Expertise in customer asset management

Innovation in services

Outstanding track record in project execution

Satisfaction of previous clients

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The main and primary activities of Zarfam Surface Company include research, design, and engineering, procurement, and execution of surface strengthening and coating projects such as pipeline coating, metal tanks, pits, concrete accumulation and fluid transfer channels, as well as strengthening and reinforcing various civil structures such as foundations, wharves, bridges, and more, using innovative methods such as GLASS, CERAMIC, RUBBER, FRP, GRP, etc., with multiple and outstanding executive records. It is worth mentioning that in some of these projects, the services provided have led to patent registration and receiving the top rank from the Elite Scientific Foundation and also receiving the title of "Knowledge-Based" from the Office of the Vice President for Science and Technology.

Corrosion-resistant composite coating is a suitable solution for corrosion and asset management

اسلایدر فراسطح

Our specialty is the preservation of your operational assets

Benefits of repairing and strengthening pipes with composite coating:

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About us

Zarfam Surface Company (Private Joint Stock) is one of the subsidiaries of Farangar Holding Zarfam, which, with 15 years of experience in contracting and executing operational projects in the field of surface strengthening and protection, both metallic and concrete, has succeeded in providing innovative and high-quality services to its customers in various industries such as oil, gas, petrochemicals, mining, and power plants.